"It's Fine...I'm Just Tired" EP Sampler

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Our Story

Over & Out was formed in March of 2018 in Buffalo, NY. It all started with a random Facebook post and within about an hour we had a full lineup. Rob brought a handful of songs and we've been playing ever since.


Over & Out is

Rob Stiglmeier - Guitar, Vocals

Sally Schaefer - Violin, Mandolin, Vocals

Andy Geib - Bass

Bryan Dennee - Keys

Patrick Holland - Drums


Our Influences

We all love the same and different types of music. Stop by a show and share some music you love with us.

Song Listings & Lyrics

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Over & Out Live

Over & Out - Agree to Disagree (Basement Sessions)

Over and Out - Cirque Du Fux

Over & Out - Dead Leaves

Over & Out - Talking to Myself (Basement Sessions)

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